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Since leaving Cornell in '71, I have rarely had an opportunity to use my Spanish, but I kept up by reading public notices, instructions on appliances, etc. whenever I ran into them. Then, two years ago I entered a Ph.D. program (at Chicago Theological Seminary) that required knowledge of two languages. I dug back into my memory, brushed up a bit, and passed the Spanish exam. How glad I am that I kept in practice.

--Laura (Main) Crawford '71


After graduating from Cornell I joined the Peace Corps and served in Ecuador, S.A. for two years (1984-86) after a three month training period in Costa Rica. I earned my M.S. degree in International Development Studies (areas of emphasis: Technology & Social Change, Latin American Studies and Family Environment) from Iowa State University in 1990. Professionally I have worked in Study Abroad and Exchange Abroad advising and administration since 1991, first at Iowa State University as a graduate assistant, then the University of Wisconsin La Crosse, followed by the University of North Texas and Collin County Community College District before joining the International Programs Office staff at ASU (Arizona State University) in the fall of 1999. As an advisor I coordinate ASU programs to the following countries: England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru.

I now live in Mesa, Arizona as I recently purchased an older condominium there and have been fixing it up. My mailing address is:

533 West Guadalupe Rd, Unit #2030
Mesa, AZ 85210- 7763

--Patricia (Tricia) Strickland '83- Spanish & Art Major.


My husband and I are building a small boutique hotel in Miami, FL which we will also manage. Spanish is a part of everyday life in South Florida.

--Sheila Kruse Boyce '85


Soy abogado y mi trabajo incluye lidiar con clientes de Estados Unidos y Canadá y la traducción de documentos legales del español al inglés. También considero que estoy viviendo una época de muchos cambios históricos en México y por esto me siento afortunado. Mis hijos están en proceso de aprender inglés y ser 100% bilingues y eso me llena de orgullo.

--Diego Sada '87

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Because of a friendship that started with a Spanish speaking Swedish family, I majored in Spanish. This led to more humanitarian work and travel with my Spanish language during graduate school and working with niños de la calle in Casa Alianza Honduras, and even beyond to the UN and global levels. "Otro día, otra lucha" --- the latin machismo helped me fight my cancer. My wife now also enjoys latin soaps on TV, especially "Yo soy Betty la fea" and wants to travel to Spain in the future -- guess who'll be her traductor personal ?

--Jamal Abdullah '88

I work for Cornell in the Advancement Office. I am waiting for Carol and Sally to ask me to participate in Spanish Plays!

--Tom Hanschman '88

I live in Loveland, CO with my husband and 3 children, and I work as a Registration Supervisor at a hospital in Greeley, CO. I've been living in Colorado for 5 years and love it. I hold a Masters of International Management and a Masters of Public Health. Estoy usando mi español cada día en el trabajo.

Sandi Douglas Karlowa '88

I teach Spanish 2 and 4 at Downers Grove (IL) South High School. I have served as president of the Chicago chapter of AATSP and have made several trips to Spain accompanying a total of close to 200 students.

-- Bob Topor '88


Although I was not a Spanish major at Cornell, Cornell IS where my life with Spanish began. After earning an M.A. in French linguistics, I switched to Spanish and received my Ph.D. in Spanish linguistics from Ohio State in 1998. I began teaching Spanish and linguistics at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro (30 miles from Nashville) that same year. In 2003 I was awarded tenure and promoted to the rank of associate professor. Other activities have included organizing a study abroad program in Cuba as well as developing a Linguistic Studies interdisciplinary minor.

My favorite Cornell-Spanish memory was the 1988 production of El burlador de Sevilla., in which I learned more Spanish than anywhere else before or since. Tan largo me lo fiais!

--Ric Morris '90


Spanish teacher at Center Point-- Urbana.

--Mindy (Kruckenberg) Eckhardt '91

I own a meeting-planning company. We plan conferences and events in the U.S. and abroad.

--Shawna (Mulay) Suckow '91

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After studying in Costa Rica with the ACM program , I taught at la Universidad de Costa Rica and married a "tico". I have 2 children who are bilingual. I am presently the Director of Fund Development and Communications at Casa de Esperanza in St. Paul, MN.

--Amy (Sandfort) Sánchez '92

--Jessica Smith '92


I'm teaching Spanish at Ames High School in Ames, IA and am married with two sons, Atticus (5) and Eliot (1).

--Jane Moniak Jurgensen '93


After graduating from Cornell in 1994, I moved to Illinois and taught high school Spanish for 8 years. Now I live in Colorado, and I am teaching English to Spanish-speaking adults.

--Kanesha Lee Baynard '94


I have changed schools this year and am now my own Spanish department, complete with rotating exploratory, SPA I, II, III, and IV levels at East Buchanan in Winthrop. I teach 7 out of 8 class periods, and III and IV are combined in the same period. It is quite a challenge and definitely keeps me on my toes!

--Heather (Allyn) Huegel '96

Estoy enseñando tercero básico en Highlands Ranch, CO. Estamos viviendo en Parker, CO -- mi esposo, nuestro perrito "Osito" y yo; también estamos esperando nuestro primer hijo/a en abril.

--Carrie Ann (Pratt) Schmitz '96

--una foto de los hijitos de Carrie Ann (2006)

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Computer support analyst in Hampton, VA. I'm planning on going to grad school for Spanish education.

--Allahna Brathwaite '97

I have been teaching middle school Spanish in Highland Park, IL since I graduated from Cornell. I received my Master of Arts in Spanish from St. Louis University's Madrid Campus in August 2000. I enjoy vacationing to Spanish speaking countries and traveling with my 8th grade graduates to Spain every summer.

--Rebecca Scanlan '97


(Picture of Jina at Machu Picchu)
I use my Spanish daily working with migrant and seasonal farmworkers in Illinois. We get them to the doctor and help them to navigate the healthcare system as well as provide them with imporant health education in Spanish. I learn more everyday! I love it! Please check out my website at

--Jina Bryant '98 /

This picture is of me climbing Mt. Evans, a Colorado 14er, (14,000ft peak) where I've worked for the past two summers with the Forest Service. As for what I am doing now; I am exploring different avenues of education and social help work fields in hospitals and schools, working with both adults and children. I plan to go back to school to get my Master's degree, but for now I am enjoying as many activities as I can in the Colorado outdoors!

--Emily Ricklefs '98
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Después de graduarme de Cornell College, trabajé para un negocio familiar por tres años. Recientemente, he decidido asistir a la universidad de Loyola en Chicago, Illinois donde estudio "Information Systems Management." Espero graduarme en un año y medio.

--Corey Rubin '98
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I went to the University of Missouri-Columbia and completed a Masters and an Educational Specialist in School Psychology. While there, I taught Spanish to undergrads. Now, I live in San Jose, CA and work as a school psychologist.

-- Gabriela Arias '99

After living in Bolivia (S.A.) for 2 years and working as an English teacher, model, and dancer; I am currently living in St. Louis, MO where I teach 8th grade English Literature and Composition at a magnet school.

--Lauren Buckner '99

I'm attending Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, CA. I will be graduating in May 2002 and will minister as a hospital chaplain. (Pictured beside me is Alex Langerman.) I have used my Spanish in all my pastoral experiences: at church, school, prison, and hospital ministries.

--April Crow '99

I am a Communicable Disease Representative for the California Department of Health Services, Tuberculosis Control Branch I use my Spanish to communicate with TB patients as well as those who have been in contact with a TB case. Living in California offers many opportunities to speak with others who speak Spanish and may not be able to communicate as easily in English. I feel that speaking a second language has opened many doors for me both career-wise and socially.

-Tamikka Johnson '99

I am a Payroll/Human Resource Specialist working for a minority owned business in Omaha, NE. I provide assistance to over 200 employees, of which 85-90% are Spanish speaking. I plan to get into ESL teaching in the future.

--Kate (King) Revollo '99

In 2001 I started my own corporation - Datura Artist Representation. I bring the work of artists and designers living abroad to galleries in the United States. I am currently working on my own line, due for release in December of 2002. I get to use my Spanish in communications with associates in South America, but usually you will find me speaking Indonesian! I live overseas 3 months out of the year in Bali.

--Casey Lauer '99

Desde la graduación de Cornell he tenido la oportunidad de vivir en Seattle, WA y Long Beach, DA. Primero trabajé con una firma de abogados de imigración y luego con una agencia de seguros. Aparte de trabajar también tuve la oportunidad de viajar a Viet Nam, Nepal y la India. Por último, hace unos meses fui a Cuba para el 50º aniversario del comienzo de la revolución.

--Cynthia Vázquez Quilón '99


I'm living in Minneapolis working at Marshall Field's Headquarters in Finance. I plan to start an MBA program in Fall 2002.

--Nicolle Elsasser '2000

I am an Admissions Counselor and cheerleading coach at Cornell College. (They can't get rid of me!)

--Kayla Haptonstall '2000


I am currently working as the research assistant for the Connections To Success Project with Dr. Donald Healy at Western Illinois University, tracking the
success of a Hispanic population as the students move through their academic careers. I am in the Master of Arts in Teaching program, preparing to be a high school Spanish teacher. My husband Richard Stumpff ('01) and I are settling into our new home in Davenport. Abrazos de

--Jenny (Hanson) Stumpff '01
309-762-9481 x294
Hablo espanol!

Pictures from our wedding are at

I am currently working in cancer research at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. Hopefully I'll be translating documents from English to Spanish part-time for a company.

--Julie Lindgren '2000

I'm working in the Leadership Office at Cornell College.

--Amy Luitjens '2001

I'm living in Chicago and working as a staffing coordinator for a personnel firm. I'm looking to start grad school in fall 2002.

--Kristin Mutter '2001


I am going to Law School at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

--Francine Bailey '03

I am a 4/5 multiage teacher at Johnson Elementary School of the Arts. I also serve as a lifeguard and instructor at the downtown YMCA.

--Amy Bartusch '03

I graduated in 2003, but I'm back at Cornell to complete my Spanish teaching major so that I can teach Spanish to high school students. I live in Cedar Rapids with my husband and our 2 dogs.

--Lisa Loftin-Bugenhagen '03

I am working on my Masters degree in Higher and Post-secondary Education at Arizona State University where I also work in Student Development.

--Paige Sindt '03


Mi experiencia con el departamento del español de Cornell fue muy buena y me dio una gran oportunidad de hablar otra lengua para el resto de mi vida.  Estoy estudiando medicina aquí en California y uso espanol cada día.  Tenemos clínicas de salud gratuitas cada mes y traduzco las historias para los pacientes, y estoy muy involucrada con el club de medicina internacional.  Este verano tuve la oportunidad de trabajar en un hospital en Santander, España (Cantabria). Después de un mes en el hospital salí y viajé a Madrid, Pamplona, San Sebastián, Barcelona, etc. Esto fue mi segunda visita aEspaña y estuve encantada con la gente y la cultura.  Ojalá que pueda volver en el futuro para trabajar o para pasar las vacaciones.  Estoy siempre agradecida por la ensenanza que recibí en Cornell.

-Alex Myers '05 


I am at the University of Illinois at Chicago going for my masters in public health in environmental and occupational health. I will be defending next May 2007. I am writing my thesis on brain tumors at a manufacturing company in the northwestern United States. After graduation, I plan on FINALLY taking a break from school and traveling a while in South America. Then, I will be applying to Environmental Protection Agency Jobs on the West coast, hopefully gearing towards working with water purification systems in refugee camps and developing countries.

--Tara Alcazar '06

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