Recommended course sequence

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

SOC 101 

SOC 387

SOC 398


  • Course sequences vary widely depending on the particular interests of students.
  • Students planning to attend graduate school are encouraged to include an individual research project (SOC 290/390 or 485) in their major.
  • Students planning careers in human services are encouraged to include an internship (SOC 280/380) in their major.
  • One course credit in individualized research (SOC 290/390 or 485) or one course credit in internship (SOC 280/380) may count toward the major.
  • Not more than two 200-level courses may be counted toward the minimum eight course sociology requirement. 
  • Students may not combine a major in Sociology with the joint major in sociology and anthropology.