April Richards gives her research presentation "Saving Justice in Population Control" at the annual Cornell Student Symposium.

As a student in any of the department's major tracks, you will be encouraged to complete and present scholarly research. Your research might be completed in one of your courses (such as research methods), during an independent study block, or during summer research with Cornell faculty members.

Our students frequently present their research at the Cornell College Student Symposium, the Iowa Sociological Association (ISA) annual meeting, and the Midwest Sociological Society (MSS) annual meeting. Several recent students have received awards from the ISA or MSS for their work.  

Student/faculty summer research

Summer 2015

  • LGBTQ+ (In)visibility: Negotiating Identities Outside the Closet. Hayley McKie, Alex DeSena, Professor Tori Barnes-Brus, and Professor Erin Davis

Summer 2010

  • Feminist Identities and Ideologies Among Contemporary College Students. Sarah Dorado and Professor Erin Davis

  • Beliefs in Economic Opportunity and the American Dream. George Ellerbach and Professor Tori Barnes-Brus

Independent student research

2015 presentations

  • "The Impact of School Climate on Student Outcomes Beyond High School," Katy Krogstad. Presented at MSS and ISA.

  • "Gender Differences in the Mental & Emotional Components of Adolescent Sexual Health," Ruby Linkhart. Presented at MSS.

  • "Let’s Talk About Sex (PSA Video)," Allison Bauman and Rose Reed-Maxfield. Presented at Symposium.

  • "Saving Justice in Population Control," April Richards. Presented at Symposium.

  • "Permanent Instability: An Evaluation of the Foster Care System," Stacey Harrison. Presented at MSS.

  • "Otherness and Community Support: The Role of Ethnic Identity in Mental Health," Hayley McKie. Presented at MSS.

2014 presentations

  • "Assimilation and Success: The Case of 1.5 and 2.0 Generation Mexican Immigrants," Miguel Ascencio. Presented at MSS and ISA.

  • "Exploring the Impact of Gender on the Economic Well-Being of Single Parents," Rose Reed-Maxfield. Presented at ISA. Winner of the ISA's award for best paper submitted by a junior or senior.

2013 presentations

  • "Exploring the Relationship between Environmental Concern and Behavior in America," Liane Olson. Presented at ISA. Winner of the ISA's award for best paper integrating theory and research .

2012 presentations

  • “American Dream or American Divide?: The American Dream as Symbolic Boundary,” George Ellerbach.

  • "Moody Americans? Public Attitudes toward United States Foreign Policy,"  Eva Fiske. Presented at ISA. Winner of the ISA's award for best paper submitted by a junior or senior.

2011 presentations

2010 presentations

2009 presentations

  • "Factors Affecting Civic Engagement of Arab Americans in Detroit," Cady Peterson. Presented at ISA.

  • "Filling the Gap: An Examination of Body Dissatisfaction Differences of Gay, Bisexual, and Heterosexual Men," Christopher M. Davids. Presented at ISA. Winner of the ISA's award for best paper submitted by a junior or senior.

  • "Listening to the Silence: What Is and Isn’t Said About Menstruation," Alida Ogren-Gunderson. Presented at ISA.

  • "An Analysis of Factors Influencing Retention for African American College Students," David Kugler. Presented at ISA.

  • "The Indian That’s Not Disappearing: Native American Images in Past and Present Advertising," Marie Glackin. Presented at ISA.

  • "What’s Wrong With Straight Edge: A Social Movement’s Call For Change Regarding Violence and Anti-Feminism," Sarah Dorado. Presented at ISA.

  • "Dubuque and Abortion: Institutional Influence of Religion, Family, and Gender," George Ellerbach. Presented at ISA.

  • "Thou Shalt Not Judge: An Analysis of Religious Factors and Their Impact on Tolerance," Rebecca Sullens. Presented at ISA.

  • "Reimagining South Africa: Feminist Theology and Violence Against Women," Annie Schneider. Presented at ISA and Symposium. Winner of the ISA's award for best paper submitted by a freshman or sophomore.

  • "Respite Policy: Good on Paper, Poor in Practice," Ariel Glasman. Presented at ISA.

  • "Universal Child Care: An Analysis of Today’s Political, Economic, and Social Environments," Annika Grahn. Presented at ISA.

  • "In the Name of Gender Equality? Female Martyrs and the Impact of the Fundamental Religious Institution," Ellen Hassel. Presented at Symposium.