There is no departmental major as such. Individualized majors may be developed involving Anthropology and other disciplines, especially Art, Biology, Ethnic Studies, Music, Psychology, and Religion. See Declaration of Degree Candidacy, Majors, and Minors. See also the interdisciplinary major in Sociology and Anthropology and the Teaching Majors in Anthropology and in Sociology and Anthropology.

Note: Students may not combine an individualized major in Anthropology with the interdisciplinary major in Sociology and Anthropology.

Teaching Major: An individualized major in Anthropology, which includes at least eight course credits in Anthropology. In addition to the foregoing requirements, prospective teachers must also apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program (preferably at the start of their sophomore year) and complete coursework leading to secondary certification described under Education. Prospective teachers should request a current list of the specific course requirements from the Education Office.

Second Teaching Area in Anthropology: The following program in conjunction with a teaching major in Economics and Business, History, Politics, Psychology, or Sociology will enable the student to apply for certification to teach both the major subject and Anthropology: four course credits in Anthropology approved by the chair of the Department.

Minor: A minimum of six course credits in Anthropology which include ANT 101, 483, 484, one area studies course (ANT 205, 206, or 222 when taught in the Bahamas), and two electives, at least one of which must be at the 300 level. Note: the Anthropology minor is not available to students with a Sociology and Anthropology major.