ANT 256-2. Topics: Anthropology of South Asian Cultures
This course will provide students with a chance to explore the many vibrant cultures of South Asia as well as the religious, political, economic, and social forces that have shaped and reshaped the subcontinent. We will pay particular attention to questions of sexuality and gender and how these are expressed and experienced in South Asian cultures. We will also attend to the histories of tolerance and communal violence in the region. Prerequisite: ANT 101. Alternate years. This course will count as an area studies course. (Social Science) QUILL

ANT 260-5. Topics: Globalization & Social Change
"Globalization" describes a variety of processes, including the flows of labor, capital, commodities, ideas and ideologies across national borders. Communication technologies, high-speed travel and international trade agreements have transformed our worlds, making us more interconnected than ever before. This course will use anthropological and ethnographic perspectives to examine globalization through case studies in labor migration, cultural change, tourism, Fair Trade practices and the flow of high-tech consumer products. Prerequisite: ANT 101. Alternate years. (Social Science) QUILL