Many Cornell students considering a major in sociology tell us: "I am interested in sociology and like the courses that I have taken in the department, but I don't know what I can do with a sociology major." Current majors about to begin job searches sometimes wonder about the option available to them.

In fact, a sociology major opens the doors to a wide variety of careers, and Cornell sociology graduates currently are pursuing an interesting and exciting array of occupations: attorney, police officer, urban planner, youth worker, probation officer, human services administrator, college admissions officer, human resources manager, software company executive, and sociology professor, to name but a few.

The links below provide information and resources to explore the many career options for sociology majors.

  • The American Sociological Association's Undergraduate Student Resources Web page is a good place to begin your exploration.This site includes information on careers for students with bachelors' degrees in sociology and for students who pursue masters' and doctoral degrees. It also provides more general information about majoring in sociology.
  • Another important resource is the Occupational Outlook Handbook. In it you can read descriptions of various occupations, find out about the educational requirements for these jobs, and learn about employment opportunities in specific fields.
  • You may be wondering what courses to take to prepare for specific careers. The Sample Curricula provide some suggested combinations of courses.
  • Finally, be sure to visit the Cornell Career Engagement Office. More important, stop by the campus office, introduce yourself, and take advantage of the many resources that this office provides.