Major: A minimum of seven course credits in Russian at or above the 300 level, which include RUS 301, 302 or 303, at least two courses in Russian literature, and RUS 485. A maximum of two courses in Russian history may be applied toward the major: HIS 321 (Muscovite and Imperial Russia), 322 (Revolutionary and Soviet Russia), and 323 (Russia from 1941).

Teaching Major: A minimum of seven course credits, to include the requirements for the Russian major listed above. In addition to the foregoing requirements, prospective teachers must also apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program (preferably at the start of their sophomore year) and complete coursework leading to secondary certification described under Education. Prospective teachers should request a current list of the specific course requirements from the Education Office.

Note: A major in Russian Studies is also offered; however, students may not combine a major in Russian with the interdisciplinary major in Russian Studies.

Minor: A minimum of five course credits in Russian which include RUS 205, 301, 302, or 303, and three other Russian courses at or above the 300 level, at least one of which must be a literature course conducted in Russian. One course in Russian history may be substituted to count towards the minor: HIS 321 (Muscovite and Imperial Russia), 322 (Revolutionary and Soviet Russia), or 323 (Russia from 1941).

Note: The Russian minor is not available to students with a Russian Studies major.

Courses taught in Russia: see RUS 384 below.