This interdisciplinary major has been designed to prepare the student for graduate school, government employment, or research in the field of Russian Studies. The curriculum encompasses a program of courses in Russian language, history, literature, and related fields. Students are encouraged to participate in at least one of the various programs that offer language study in Russia.

Major: A minimum of seven course credits, at or above the 300 level, which include RUS 301 (Composition and Conversation), 302 (Contemporary Currents) or 303 (Language in Context), RSS 485 (Senior Capstone), and five courses (at least two of which must be courses in Russian history) selected from HIS 321 (Muscovite and Imperial Russia), 322 (Revolutionary and Soviet Russia), 323 (Russia from 1941); PHI 307 (Marx and Marxism); POL 327 (Revolutionary Political Thought); and courses in the Russian Program at or above the 300 level.

The following courses are also recommended: ECB 223 (International Economics); HIS 315 (Diplomacy of War and Revolution); and POL 242 (International Politics). Note: A major in Russian is also offered; however, students may not major in both Russian and Russian Studies.

Slavic Studies: for opportunities to study in the Czech Republic see Czech Republic. For study in Russia, see RSS 384 and 955.