As an RA it is important that you work to build a positive environment for your residents. Some things to keep in mind as you work to achieve a positive community are:

Before Students Arrive

  • Connect with any early arrivals on your floor.

  • Hang door decorations on the resident’s room doors.

  • Post calendars of events and lists of facilities and equipment.

  • Decorate bulletin boards to be representative of a diverse community.

  • Post signs about floor and hall meetings.

  • Check for any maintenance concerns that should be taken care of  before students arrive.

  • Read The Compass and Residence Hall policies and learn the reason behind them.

Before Classes Start

  • Visit residents in their rooms and invite them into yours.

    • Introduce residents to each other.
    • Encourage residents to read The Compass and Residence Hall policies.
    • Encourage residents to report anyone that is damaging, removing, or abusing furniture or facilities in the building.
    • Enforce regulations from the very beginning.
    • Conduct your first floor meeting. Be organized and make sure residents understand your position.
    • Use an interest inventory in planning floor activities and programs.

During the First Two Weeks of School

  • Continue to walk into open doors and visit people.

  • Use bulletin boards to put up lists of people’s names, hometowns, majors, birthdays, etc.

  • Ask residents what kinds of programs they would like to attend during the semester.

  • Encourage floor members to eat together whenever possible.

By Mid-Semester

  • Get together for an activity or program with another floor.

  • Continue to have floor meetings.

  • Invite faculty/staff to eat with you and your residents in dining hall.

  • Invite faculty/staff to conduct a program for your floor/building.

Continuously During the Semester

  • Listen to your residents. Ask for feedback on what is good and not so good on the floor.

  • Keep your door open and encourage others to do so at appropriate times.

  • Invite residents to meals.

    • Set up informal study breaks in your room where people can stop in and visit with other residents.
    • Take the floor to sporting events, concerts, and other events on campus.
    • Use bulletin boards and mirrors to post information about your residents and upcoming floor events and campus activities.
    • When appropriate, encourage residents to approach each other with complaints, rather than always going to the RA.
    • Encourage residents with special skills to plan and present a program.

By the End of the Semester

  • Provide clear and accurate closing and check-out information.

  • Plan a final meeting/event to thank and recognize floor leaders, intramural teams, etc.