Recognizing that the common areas of residence halls are prime spaces for residents to gather and interact and that residents may have a desire to personalize the common areas, the Office of Residence Life has established guidelines for individuals requesting to paint the common areas.

The student(s) interesting in painting some or all of a common area of a residence hall will submit a request to the Director of Residence Life.  That request will include:

  • The wall(s) that are to be painted;
  • The color(s) that are to be used;
  • The timeline that will be followed; and
  • A sketch of any design, pattern, mural, etc. that is desired (any design must be deemed to be appropriate for all residents and guests).

The Director of Residence Life (in conjunction with the Director of Facilities Services, the Dean of Students, and the appropriate Assistant Director of Residence Life) will review the request and make the final determination if the request will be approved.

If the request is approved, then:

  • Paint, brushes, rollers, drop cloths, and all other necessary paint supplies will be provided by the College (no paint other than College-provided paint will be permitted);
  • The Facilities Services staff may provide the student(s) specific instructions for painting;
  • Painting of anything other than walls (including but not limited to floors, doors, furniture, radiators, cabinets, equipment fixtures, windowsills, or woodwork) will not be permitted (any desired exceptions to this should be made in the initial request);
  • Any necessary plastering, caulking, spackling, etc. must be performed by College staff (requests for these services should be made to Residence Life or, if known in advance, should be included in the initial request);
  • When the painting has been completed, the work is subject to inspection by the Director of Residence Life and/or the Director of Facilities Services; and
  • The College may, at any time and at its sole discretion, exercise the option of professionally repainting the wall(s).  If the decision to repaint the walls is made because of an inappropriate design, pattern, or mural, or because of damage to the wall or other College property, then any expense incurred will be charged to building residents through the College's established damage billing process.

NOTE: At this time, this policy only allows for painting common areas.  Painting walls within individual student rooms is not permitted.