Cornell College is undertaking a major renovation of four residence halls.

The $10 million, 15-month project will completely renovate and modernize Pauley, Rorem, Tarr, and Dows halls, four residence halls built in the 1960s that house a total of about 300 students. Work will continue through August 2015.

The renovations will include more inviting entrances and patios for each building, more natural light and activity spaces, new and expanded bathrooms, and upgrades to student rooms, including new flooring, lighting and furniture. All mechanical systems, including electrical, heating and plumbing, will be replaced. New energy efficient windows will be installed in student rooms, as well.

Each of the four buildings will have a themed lounge on the first floor: Pauley will have an area dedicated to recreation and games; Rorem, which is connected to Pauley, will have a reading room and individual and group study rooms; Tarr will have a stage and performance area; and Dows will have a demonstration-style kitchen.

During the 2014-15 academic year, one residence hall at a time will be taken offline and renovated. Work on Pauley Hall will begin in May 2014 and be finished in September or October. Students from Rorem will move into Pauley, then work will begin on Rorem. That renovation will be finished in March or April 2015, then students from Tarr will move into Rorem. Work on Tarr will begin then and be completed in early August 2015. Dows will be renovated during the summer of 2015. The schedule is designed to transform as much of the four buildings as possible, as efficiently and quickly as possible, and with the least amount of disruption possible.