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Current LLCs

The following is the list of Living Learning Communities. If you have questions about any of these communities or if you would like more information, please contact us.

Artbox (Smith Hall)  

       Members will explore the wide world of art expression.

BACO Umoja (Armstrong House)

The Black Awareness Cultural Organization (BACO) is a union that will confront problems and concerns of Black students, as well as help to provide avenues for change for all human beings. As house and community members, we will focus on making ourselves available to all. The core purpose/value of the house will be to offer a place of refuge for anyone who has felt discriminated against because of their race, sexuality, spirituality, gender, or ideas as a human being. The Intercultural Life office will be a pivotal force in the process of every program and event. They will also assist the Living and Learning Community financially.

Baseball (Smith Hall)  

Athletes and enthusiasts will find roommates who challenge and support each other all for the love of the game.

Community Service (Smith Hall)  

A community of students who share the passion for service both within the Cornell community and its surrounding neighbors.

Environmental Community Outreach (ECO) (10th Ave Apartment North)

The lifestyle of the average Western citizen is consumption-centric, highly delocalized, and resource-intensive. Though many people are realizing the inherent instability of this high-impact status quo, they are unsure how to move beyond it; Sustainable Living, the founding principle of the Environmental Community Outreach (ECO) House, endeavors to bridge that gap. The ECO house hopes to become a force for transformation within the Cornell and Mount Vernon communities, providing material resources, knowledge, laughter, and inspiration for those seeking to live lightly and joyfully through the essential changes ahead.   

Lifelong Health & Wellness (Smith Hall)  

We are a group of athletes and advocates for health that hope to equip students with the knowledge that will make them less vulnerable to health risks associated with poor lifestyle choices (such as heart disease, liver damage, etc.). To accomplish this, we hold bi-monthly food expos, host various physical activity events, as well as post a monthly health and wellness newsletter.

Lacrosse (Smith Hall)  

Athletes and enthusiasts will find roommates who challenge and support each other all for the love of the game.

Octave (Smith Hall)

Octave is a music community.  We are dedicated to the musical education of ourselves and the community.  To accomplish this edification, we teach weekly lessons to underprivileged youth in Cedar Rapids, and have a monthly radio show and newsletter.  As a community we also provide lessons to students on Cornell College campus, perform at least one concert a year, and put together small ensembles for events on and off campus.

Third Wave Resource Group (Cottage House)

Third Wave Resource Group (TWRG) is a student rights and resource group centered in The Cottage, a safe, comfortable environment for community members which provides information, equality and empowerment informed by feminism. Resources we provide include: Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Advocacy, Access to Safe Room, Emergency Transportation, Library, Kitchen, Sewing Room, Safe Zone, Confidentiality.