Career Exploration

College is all about transformation. You will change and grow at Cornell in ways you have never imagined. Connect Floor: Career Exploration is a way to enhance your learning experience by providing a supportive and educational living and learning environment that facilitates your career exploration.

You will live with a group of your peers, and together you will bond over your journey: the journey of seeking out and exploring, finding out who you are and discovering the meaning and importance of a liberal arts education, major, and the careers it can lead to.

Residents of Connect Floor: Career Exploration:

  • Will be equipped with tools and resources to learn how to make thoughtful career decisions.
  • Will become more aware of themselves, the world of work, and how their current decisions impact their future.
  • Will be encouraged to be involved in the Cornell College community through residence hall activities, student organizations, and interactions with faculty, staff, and other students.
  • Will complete a career development plan that takes in to account the liberal arts experience.

About the Floor

The location is the lower level of Pfeiffer Hall. This floor is a co-ed floor with single-gender rooms. Each bathroom has individual, lockable shower and toilet stalls.

Who Should Participate?

Anyone who may not know "what they want to be when they grow up" should consider Connect Floor: Career Exploration, or anyone who may want to gain a more in depth understanding about the options and pathways to a career they have already chosen, but it is not at all limited to just these students. It is not a program aimed at one "type" of student. In fact, we're looking to create a diverse and exciting learning environment consisting of a wide range of individual personalities, experiences, and skills.

Career Engagement Center

For more information on resources and programs to help you identify, prepare for, and land a career that suits your unique interests, connect with Cornell's Career Engagement Center.


Applications for the Career Exploration Connect Floor are now available.