The following is the apartment & house manager position description for the 2017-2018 academic year. You can also download the updated apartment & house manager position description (PDF) if you prefer.

Position summary                   

The Apartment & House Manager at Cornell lives in a campus apartment or house and serves as a critical link between the residents in all campus apartments and houses, the Assistant Director (ADRL), and the Residence Life Office. The position requires being a representative of the College and a representative of student issues in the buildings and across campus.

Principal duties and responsibilities

Student Focus

  • Welcomes, knows and interacts with all students in the assigned apartments and houses.

  • Assists students with academic, personal and social concerns, making timely referrals as necessary.

  • Communicates and promotes the mission and policies of the Residence Life Office, Division of Student Affairs and Cornell College

  • Knows, abides by and enforces all rules, regulations and policies of the residence halls and of Cornell (including The Compass, the Residence Life Handbook and the Residence Hall Agreement)

Community Focus

  • Creates an environment where the needs and concerns of diverse populations of students are appreciated.

  • Promotes an environment that is conducive to academic and social development

  • Organizes and implements activities and events for area residents

  • Plans and supports hall council activities and events.

  • Promotes and supports Cornell College events and activities.

Facilities Focus

  • Develops and maintains a good relationship with Facilities Management personnel, Campus Safety personnel, and custodial staff.

  • Submits and completes appropriate follow-up for maintenance requests.

  • Reports vandalism, damages, and other facility concerns to the Residence Life Office.

Administrative Focus

  • Completes and submits appropriate forms and paperwork in a timely manner.

  • Other duties as assigned by the Residence Life Office.

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

Good judgment, knowledge of self, problem solving skills, understanding of residents, time management, flexibility, ability to communicate effectively with students and staff.

Time commitments

  • Visits each house and apartment in his or her assigned area at least once per block.

  • Participates in all trainings, staff meetings, committee assignments, openings and closings during the year
  • Helps with major on-campus events (examples include New Student Orientation and Commencement).
  • Serves in a regular duty rotation (including Homecoming, Thanksgiving and Spring Breaks and block breaks).
  • Has limited opportunity for additional employment on or off campus.
  • Is not away from campus for more than one block without prior approval from Residence Life.


  • Achieved sophomore status or the equivalent of two semesters of academic work by August 2017

  • Achieved a cumulative 2.5 GPA (both during the application process and throughout employment)

  • Be in good conduct standing with the College and be able to pass a criminal background check


Apartment & House Manager will receive a room credit award of $1200.00 to be applied directly to the student’s account.  This room credit is applied in conjunction with other financial assistance that candidates may be receiving (candidates are encouraged to meet with a member of the Financial Assistance staff to determine the impact, if any, on their financial aid).


Students who choose not to continue on as an Apartment/House Manager or who have their Apartment/House Manager contract terminated for any reason will be required to move from their room, floor, and possibly the building in which they were employed as an Apartment/House Manager. Residence Life will also notify Financial Assistance and aid may be adjusted accordingly.