Accommodation Evening

Thursday, March 21 at 6:00 p.m. on the second floor of Law Hall.

The registration process will yield for you one of two possible results: your bids will have been sufficient for you to be admitted to all courses you selected; or, for one or more blocks, your bids were not high enough to obtain the course or courses you wanted.

If you are in the former category, Accommodation Evening is not for you. Your schedule, at least for now, is set. You may change it, by filing an Add/Drop Form, only after Accommodation Evening.

If, however, you did not obtain all the classes you bid for, you must come to Accommodation Evening on Thursday, March 21, 2013 to select alternate classes. On ACCOMMODATION EVENING, all academic departments will be represented, and you can ask about courses and placements. Department representatives can also tell you whether a course is open in other blocks than the one you requested, e.g., if you registered for but did not get ECB 101 in Block 7 but learn that it is open in Block 4, you may drop your 4th-block course, add ECB 4-101, and then select another course for Block 7. Your advisor will also be on hand to help you.


  1. Using the Course Schedule, make a list of the courses you wish to substitute for your "NO COURSES," along with several alternatives for each course, and bring the list with you to Accommodation Evening.
  2. Bring your Course Confirmation Sheet with you to Law Hall at the time indicated below. The Sheet is your admission ticket.
  3. Enter at the Orange Carpet. You will receive an Add/Drop Form on which to record your changes of registration. Write your name and ID # at the top.
  4. Check in with your advisor, who will be seated at her/his department's table.
  5. To add a course to replace a "NO COURSE," go to the departmental table where the course is offered, present your Add/Drop Form, and request the course. If the course is open, the departmental representative will sign you in.
  6. To rearrange your schedule so as to drop a confirmed course and add another in its place, find out first whether the course you wish to add is open and, if so, ask the departmental representative to register you. Then go to the table of the course you wish to drop and have that departmental representative sign you out. Do not drop a course before you are sure of obtaining an acceptable alternative.
  7. When you have finished registering, have your advisor sign your Add/Drop Form. Then turn in your Form to a staff member from the Registrar's Office on the Orange Carpet, who will enter your courses into the computer. Be certain to do this last step; it is required in order to be officially registered.
  8. Please arrive slightly before your assigned time (given below).

Number of "NO COURSES"

Time to report to The Commons

3 or more

6:00 p.m.


6:15 p.m.


6:30 p.m.

The quicker you inquire at each table after entering the Accommodation Area, the better your chances of finding your choices open. If you have not thought about your schedule and not made a list of course choices in advance, you will spend precious time during Accommodation Evening pondering your choices while others are filling up the courses you may wish to take.