The College will refund a portion of the amount charged for meals in a particular term to any student who completes a Cornell-sponsored off-campus internship, field course, independent or Special Study, etc., provided that the student:

  • petitions for this refund through Business Services no later than the Wednesday preceding the start of the block a student will be off campus, and

  • does not eat any meals on campus for 7 consecutive days during the four weeks of the term. A student whose card is used obtain a meal at Cornell during the period for which he or she is requesting a refund will be charged for the meals used.

For short field trips, box meals can be obtained from the college dining services if the supervising instructor notifies the Director of Dining Services in writing at least two business days in advance. Students with special schedules should consult the Director of Dining Services for possible assistance in arranging their meals.

A petition for a meal refund may be obtained from the Business Services Office.