Why Study Psychology at Cornell?

Psychology provides strong preparation for success in a variety of fields because of the many important learning objectives met by our courses:

  • Psychology fosters proficiency with research design and research methods. This is an integral skill for success in a variety of research-dependent fields. Our students are prepared to conduct and understand research at a high level of sophistication.
  • Psychology promotes understanding of human thinking, emotion, and behavior (both normal and abnormal). Understanding complex human interaction is integral to success in many arenas and our students are well-prepared for this challenge.
  • Psychology offers wide exposure to diversity issues. Understanding and appreciating diversity is a vital component of meaningful interactions in increasingly diverse local, regional, national, and global environments.
  • Psychology explores the contribution of biology to psychological issues. This reflects one of the many interdisciplinary intersections of the field.  Psychology prepares students to interact with professionals across many disciplines.

Psychology on OCAAT

Cornell’s One Course At A Time schedule allows us to use class time flexibly to fit the subject rather than fitting the subject into rigid 50-minute class periods. Most class periods are a mixture of short lectures, film clips, demonstrations, and small group discussion, but OCAAT makes other ways of using class time possible. In some class periods students may watch a feature length film and discuss the psychological principles shown in the film. In other class periods, students may use their psychological knowledge to train a virtual rat or to practice counseling skills they have learned in class.

OCAAT also makes it possible for classes to take full-day field trips. And OCAAT is ideal for internships. Psychology students who complete an internship at Cornell can work full time on-site for a block or longer, and thus be more completely integrated with the activities of the agencies and the other staff members.