Dimensions:  The Center for the Science and Culture of Healthcare

Cornell's innovative Dimensions Program provides a range of opportunities to students with interests in the health sciences, including funding for summer research, internships, and job shadowing. Dimensions also assists faculty in developing new courses related to healthcare,  sponsors workshops and seminars, and supports travel to national and international conferences.

The Cornell Fellows Program

The Cornell Fellows Program connects Cornell students with professionals in various fields of endeavor for collaboration and mentorship over one or more terms of the academic year.  The Cornell Fellows Program identifies mentors for students and provides funding intended to defray costs of things like housing and travel. The following are examples of Cornell Fellowships completed by psychology majors:

  • Kerri Timmerman '08 completed a public policy fellowship with the United Way in Cedar Rapids that integrated her two major areas of study: politics and psychology. 
  • Jessica Allison and Jennifer Turner conducted research at the Huntington’s Disease Center for Excellence at the University of Iowa 
  • Brette Deaton studied cognitive psychology in the laboratory of Professor Masako Jitsumori of Chiba University in Japan. 

The Cornell Fellows Program has offered other opportunities relevant to Cornell psychology students, such as a fellowship examining nutrition and child development at the Baylor University College of Medicine.

The Berry Center for Economics, Business, and Public Policy

The Berry Center supports interdisciplinary courses, internships, workshops, research opportunities, and off-campus study.  Public policy is especially relevant to psychology students as it pertains to the delivery of psychological treatment and the regulation and funding of psychological research.  In addition, there are many connections between psychology and economic/business.  We look forward to exploring the opportunities that the Berry Center offers.