Psychological services concentration

This program of study prepares students for entry-level work in psychological and human services following the completion of their undergraduate degree, and provides a foundation for those planning to pursue a master's degree program in an applied area of psychology or a related field. Students who plan to pursue doctoral level graduate study in psychology or related fields are strongly urged to complete the Psychology Specialist or the Behavioral Neuroscience concentration.

  1. Three foundation courses : PSY 161, PSY 292, and STA 201 or 347-348;
  2. One course on theoretical foundations for practice selected from PSY 279 or 282 (formerly 381);
  3. One course in developmental psychology selected from PSY 277, 278, or 386;
  4. One course relevant to diversity selected from PSY 276, 374, EDU 240 (Education and Culture), EST 123 (Introduction to Ethnic Studies), or GSS 171 (Gender, Power and Identity);
  5. One course in an area of practice or applied psychology selected from PSY 283 (formerly 377), 379, 382, 383, or relevant topics courses;
  6. Two elective courses in psychology;
  7. Capstone experience: PSY 395 or 483; and
  8. Three courses in the wider context selected from: ANT 101 (Cultural Anthropology); ECB 101 (Macroeconomics), 102 (Microeconomics); EDU 215 (Educational Psychology), 230 (Exceptional Learner), 240 (Education and Culture); EST 123 (Introduction to Ethnic Studies); PHI 202 (Ethics); POL 111, (Politics), 262 (American Politics), 282 (Public Policy); REL 222 (Religions of the World); SOC 101 (Sociological Thinking, 102 (Topics in Sociological Thinking), 273 (Families and Family Policy), 348 (Race and Ethnic Relations), 365 (Sexualities), 367 (Self and Identity); or GSS 171 (Gender, Power and Identity). Depending on the specific programs of students, other courses may be considered on a case by case basis.

This information is intended to reflect current program offerings. For official requirements and more information, current students should refer to the academic catalogue and major/minor checklist in effect at the time of their degree declaration.

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