Psychology major

A minimum of 13 courses and one of three concentrations listed below. In addition, a minimum of two 300-level courses must be included within the concentration excluding PSY 380, 390, 392, 395, 483, 511 and 512. Research Methods I (PSY 292) should be completed by the end of the sophomore year for all majors who are sophomores or younger beginning in August of 2015.  Research Methods II (PSY 392) should be completed by the end of the junior year for all majors in the Specialist or Scientist concentrations who are sophomores or younger beginning in August of 2015.  Statistics (STA 201 or 347-348) must be taken before Research Methods II (PSY 392), and PSY 392 must be completed no later than the end of the junior year and before 483.

Note: Students must take a 200-level course before enrolling in any 300-level course.

Psychology concentrations

Psychology minor

A minimum of six course credits in Psychology which include PSY 161, at least two 200-level courses, and at least two 300-level courses (excluding PSY 392, 395, 483, 511, and 512). Although students who are completing the minor may enroll in the following courses to expand their exposure to psychology, these courses may not be included in the six course credits required for the minor: PSY 280/380 and 290/390. A student must be a declared major in order to enroll in PSY 392 or 483.

Teaching Certification

Students interested in pursuing K-12 certification to teach social studies should seek admission into the Teacher Education Program. See the Education department section for application and certification information. 

This information is intended to reflect current program offerings. For official requirements and more information, current students should refer to the academic catalogue and major/minor checklist in effect at the time of their degree declaration.