Behavioral neuroscience concentration

This program of study is recommended for students who are considering graduate study in Behavioral Neuroscience and biological subfields of psychology, as well as those interested in health-related careers.

  1. Five foundation courses PSY 161, PSY 292, PSY 392, PSY 363 and STA 201 or 347-348;
  2. One course in psychology selected from PSY 245, 274, 276, 279, 282 (formerly 381), or 382;
  3. One course in experimental psychology selected from PSY 361 (formerly 272), 362 (formerly 273), or 370;
  4. One course in biological processes selected from PSY 344, 378, 383, or a relevant topics course in psychology with departmental approval;
  5. Capstone course: PSY 483; and
  6. Four courses in Biology and Chemistry that must include BIO 141 (Foundations: Cellular Biology) and either CHE 121 (Chemical Principles I) or CHE 161 (Accelerated General Chemistry). The two additional courses in Biology or Chemistry must be above the BIO 141 and CHE 121 levels. These additional courses should be consistent with the student's overall plan of study and should be approved by their psychology advisor.

This information is intended to reflect current program offerings. For official requirements and more information, current students should refer to the academic catalogue and major/minor checklist in effect at the time of their degree declaration.

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