PHY 155-1. Electronics for Everyone (FYS)
Have you ever wanted to learn how electronic devices work as well as creating and building your own? In this course, you'll get to explore the creative side of science through experimentation with, and creation of, simple electronic devices such as radios and electronic musical instruments. You will read relevant papers and discuss both physical principles and the impact of technology on society. You will also conduct a major design project and present your findings to the class. Although prior experience with physics and math is useful, it is not a requirement for this course. Students will be expected to enroll in an online learning community and will receive ¼ additional adjunct course credit for their participation during the fall semester. (FYS) SHERMAN

PHY 156-2. Introductory Topic: Energy and Society (W)
Our modern society depends critically on the conversion of stored energy sources, like coal, oil, and natural gas, into useful forms of energy such as electricity, transportation, and heat. This course will explore our conventional and renewable energy resources, consumption patterns, and technology for energy conversion. The course will also explore the societal impacts of our energy use on human health, the environment, and the economy, and the public policy implications of those impacts. Students will engage in critical reading, discussion, energy calculations, and several different types of academic writing. Because this is a writing course, significant course time will be spent on the writing process, with a focus on revision. Not open to students who have completed their writing course (W) requirement. (Writing Requirement (W)) BEAUCHAMP