This information is intended to reflect current program offerings. For official requirements and more information, current students should refer to the academic catalogue and major/minor checklist in effect at the time of their degree declaration.

Engineering sciences major requirements

A minimum of 16 course credits, including 12 core courses in engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science; three upper-level electives in engineering; and a final capstone project.

  • MAT 119-120 (Calculus of a Single Variable Part I and II) or MAT 121 (Calculus of a Single Variable)
  • MAT 122 (Calculus of Several Variables)
  • MAT 221 (Linear Algebra)
  • MAT 236 (Differential Equations)
  • PHY 161 (General Physics I)
  • PHY 162 (General Physics II)
  • CHE 121 (Chemical Principles I) or CHE 161 (Accelerated General Chemistry)
  • CSC 140 (Foundations of Computer Science)
  • EGR 131 (Introduction to Engineering Design)
  • EGR 231 (Engineering Mechanics)
  • EGR 271 (Engineering Thermodynamics)
  • EGR 311 (Engineering Circuits)
  • Three additional 300-level engineering sciences electives chosen from the list below. 
  • EGR 385 (Engineering Design Project)

Engineering sciences electives

  • EGR 331 (Engineering Materials)
  • EGR 336 (Topics in Engineering)
  • EGR 346 (Fluid Mechanics)
  • EGR 361 (Signals and Systems Analysis)