One Course At A Time in Action

Course travels to China to study economic growth

Todd Knoop's macroeconomics seminar studied China's rapid growth during a block-long tour of the country in December. Tiffany Monreal '14 captured her impressions of the experience through a photo essay. Read More

Foreign policy course features depth and variety

David Yamanishi aimed for depth in his American Policy Course, focusing on a set of interesting case studies. Students also enjoyed a variety of learning opportunities, including three full-length films, a morning with a visiting Supreme Court expert, and a final research paper. Read More

Students explore 17 Chicago museums and related careers

Chicago was the perfect venue for Ellen Hoobler’s Museum Studies course during Block 4. Based at the McLennan Center, the class visited 17 museums while learning about the work that goes into creating spectacular exhibitions. Read More

Luplow reflects on a semester of creative insights

My first semester at Cornell was loaded with awesomeness: photographing King Chapel a million times over, reading “Paradise Lost” until I began dreaming in 17th-century rhetoric, tweaking out with Beethoven and 35mm negatives in the darkroom at 3 a.m. But there is one aspect in particular that made it extraordinary. Read More

Science and creativity converge in writing course

During Stranger Than Fiction: Creative Writing About the Sciences, Margo Fritz explored the intersection between her love of writing and her interest in science. Read More

Physics majors dive into senior projects

For eighteen days five physics majors immersed themselves in senior research projects ranging from next-generation batteries to quantum teleportation during their advanced physics lab course. Read More

Future teachers gain classroom experience

During the second week of Block 3, 23 students from two education courses spent a full week assisting and observing in local classrooms. Read More

Geology course attends national conference

Emily Walsh’s igneous petrology course traveled to Denver at the beginning of Block 3 for the 125th Geological Society of America annual conference. The 10-student class networked with graduate school representatives and professionals in the field during presentations and career lunches. Read More

Literature course explores Dante’s world in Italy

Medieval Literature students spent Block 2 in Italy studying Dante’s “Divine Comedy.” Their days were spent roaming the cathedrals that inspired Dante himself and viewing art that was inspired by Dante’s work. Read More

“Birth Witches” connects students with professionals

During Block 2, a dozen visiting artists joined Cornell students and faculty to produce the world premier of Jennifer Fawcett’s play “Birth Witches.” Read More

Students become CEOs for a block

During Block 2, students in Financial Accounting became CEOs, running their own companies in an online business simulation competition sponsored by the Berry Center for Economics, Business, and Public Policy. Read More

Psychology students study romance at Adventureland

Students in Professor Bill Dragon's Social Psychology class spent a day at Adventureland as part of their research experiment on the affect of thrill rides on romance. Read More

Parallel first-year courses join for consumption studies

Parallel First-year Seminars in sociology and geology explored the topic of consumption, presenting their work on the Orange Carpet to students, faculty and staff. Read More

Students create animated videos with visiting artists

Four students staged a Tiny Circus in McWethy Hall during Block 1, exploring the seven deadly sins through stop-motion animation with the help of two visiting artists. Read More

Six courses traveled to tropical field stations in February

Fifty-seven students joined their Cornell professors for courses in the Bahamas and Belize during block 6. Cornell courses have traveled to the Gerace Research Center in the Bahamas for years, and 2013 marked the third annual trip to a field station in Latin America. Read More

Theatre students in Chicago explore 20 shows in 20 days

During the course "Theatre and the Arts in Chicago," fifteen students enjoyed 20 professional productions in 20 days. Led by Cornell theatre professor Jim VanValen, the course also provided many opportunities to interact with theatre professionals. Read More

Linked courses study wildlife conservation in Costa Rica

To fully understand efforts to protect sea turtles and other tropical animals, it's useful to visit a place like Costa Rica and meet the people involved. It's even more helpful to be guided by experts in both the fields of biology and psychology/sociology, as a group of Cornell students were in 2011. Read More

Student compares historic sites in Greece and the Bahamas

After visiting the ancient Greek palace complex of Knossos and the slave plantation ruins of Prospect Hill in the Bahamas for two month-long Cornell courses, American History major Cate LiaBraaten '12 wrote a research paper comparing the two historic sites. Read More

Students studying business abroad

Professor Todd Knoop led a block-long course in Uruguay where students studied growth, the factors that make countries rich or poor, and how business is conducted outside the U.S. Read More

Sociology and psychology students study Japanese culture firsthand

In 2010, students in sociology and psychology traveled to Japan to study the connections between Japanese cultural traditions, gender roles, and public policy. Read More