The Office of International & Off-Campus Studies presents the 1st Annual Study Abroad Returnee Conference, April 21st through 23rd, 2014.This is a chance for students and faculty who have studied off-campus during the 2014-15 Academic Year to share their experience and give back to the Cornell community. 

Participants will have the opportunity to network with third party providers and community organizations, meet other students who have gone off-campus, as well as enter their name into a raffle drawing at the close of each day.  Previous off-campus participation is not required to attend, and all students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to attend.

Schedule & presenters

Afternoon sessions (11:30-12:30) include:  presentations in Hedges from students Kailey Colestock (ACM Jordan) and Rose Reed-Maxfield (SIT Madagascar).  Jason Napoli in the Career Engagement Center will also be presenting on "Marketing Your Experience Abroad," to assist students in tailoring their resume to market and showcase skills learned abroad.

The following presenters will hold sessions each day between 3-5PM:  Students and faculty who traveled to China, Italy, and India through off-campus study, Peace Corps, Iowa Resource for International Service (IRIS), SIT Graduate Institute, Prof. Givens (Fulbright 101).

Raffle prizes

RVSP for a chance to enter your name into a raffle drawing at the close of each day (5PM) on the Orange Carpet!  Raffle prizes include: exciting give-aways, gift cards to local establishments, & an airfare prize from Destinations Unlimited!


To RSVP, please use our online registration form. Questions? Contact Kimberly Cullen,