The following off-campus courses will be offered in the 2014 - 2015 academic year.  Please contact Kimberly Cullen for further information. 

Students can also pursue semester-long programs abroad and a wide range of domestic and international internship opportunities.

Prior to enrolling in an off-campus course, please read the following information from the Academic Catalogue.  Students are reminded they are held responsible for all information written in the Catalogue.

Off-Campus Programs

Cornell Off-Campus Courses

Block 1

BIO 321 - Ecology

Wilderness Field Station, Northern Minnesota
Professor McCollum
Estimated Course Cost: $500

ENG 347 -  Literature and Arts of the Wilderness

Wilderness Field Station, Northern Minnesota
Professor Hankins
Estimated Course cost: $500

POL 371 - Wilderness Politics and Policy

Wilderness Field Station, Northern Minnesota
Professor Allin
Estimated Course cost: $500

Block 2

ECB 323- International Economics Seminar

Argentina and Uruguay
Professor Farooqi
Estimated Course cost: $3,675

Block 3

BIO 283 -  Topics: Case Studies in Tropical Wildlife Conservation

Costa Rica
Professor McCollum
Estimated Course Cost: $3,300

Block 4

ENG 273 - Bahamian Literature

San Salvador Island, Bahamas
Professor Entel
Estimated Course Cost: $1,650

HIS 260 -  Slavery and the Environment in a Comparative Context

San Salvador Island, Bahamas
Professor Stewart
Estimated Course Cost: $1,650

Block 5

ART 278/392 - Pre-Columbian Mexico

Professor Hoobler
Estimated Course Cost: $2,850

Block 6

ANT 206 -  West Indian People and Culture

Professor Monagan
Estimated Course Cost: $2,400

ART 364 - Rome in Antiquity and the Renaissance

Professor Penn-Goetsch
Estimate Course Cost: $4,200

BIO/BMB 485 - Biological Problems

Professors Tepper, Christie-Pope
Estimated Course Cost: $2,800

EDU 262 - Comparative Education in Belize

Professor Heinrich
Estimated Course Cost: $2,750

FRE 206/302 -  Landscape, Language, and Identity in the French Caribbean

Professor Baty
Estimated Course Cost: $3,500

GEO 255 - Modern and Ancient Carbonate Systems of the Bahamas

San Salvador Island, Bahamas
Professor Greenstein
Estimated Course Cost: $2,000

GEO 329 - Geology of New Zealand

New Zealand
Professor Denniston
Estimated Course Cost: $3,750

REL 388 - Senior Seminar

Chicago, IL
Professor Sacks
Estimated Course Cost: $1,000

Block 7

ENG 240 - Literary, Heritage, and Theatre Tourism in Great Britain

Professor Mouton
Estimated Course Cost: $4,900, plus $400-$500 out-of-pocket expenses while traveling

SPA 381 - Peninsular Culture and Civilization

Professor Ochoa-Shivapour
Estimated Course Cost: $4,000

Block 8

PSY 265 - Psychology of the Holocaust

Prague, Krakow, Vienna and Budapest
Professor Enns
Estimated Course Cost: $3,200