The following off-campus courses will be offered in the 2009-10 academic year -- click course titles for details. An asterisk (*) next to the title indicates that the course requires instructor approval to register.

* ANT 6-222 Applied Anthropology (in the Bahamas) MONAGAN

ART 67-103/202 Drawing I/Ceramics I (Nicaragua) HANSON
[Cost estimated at $2600]

BIO 1-337 Entomology (Wilderness Field Station, MN) McCOLLUM

* BIO/BMB 6-485 Biological Problems (in the Bahamas) BLACK/TEPPER

ECB 1-254 Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in U.S. Economic History (in Chicago) HEJEEBU
[Cost estimated at $75]

ECB 6-352 Financial Management Seminar (in Chicago) CONRAD

ECB 8-258 Economics of Sports (Dallas, TX) SAVITSKY

ENG 7-240 Theatre, Architecture, and the Arts in England STAVREVA/MOUTON
[Cost estimated at $4500]

GEO 9-223 Geology of the National Parks (in Colorado and Utah) WALSH

GEO 6-255 Modern and Ancient Carbonate Systems of the Bahamas (in the Bahamas) GREENSTEIN

* GEO 9-329 Geology of a Region (New Zealand) DENNISTON

HIS 8-369 Chicago: The Transformation of America's Second City, 1880-1940 (at the Newberry Library, Chicago) STEWART

INT 3-240 Contemporary Chicago: The Interplay of Economics, Community, and Politics in Urban Development (in Chicago) GARNER/CONKLIN
[Cost estimated at $450]

MUS 9-353 Wagner and Wagnerism (at the Newberry Library, Chicago) MARTIN
[Cost estimated at $525]

PHI 1-224 Environmental Ethics (Wilderness Field Station, MN) BLACK/WHITE

POL 6-225 Ethics and Public Policy (in Texas) SUTHERLAND
[Cost estimated at $500]

* PSY 7-261 Topic: Culture, Gender, and Public Policy in Japan (in Japan) ENNS
[Cost estimated at $3500]

REL 5-382 Issues in Religious Method: Religions of Laos (in Laos) SACKS
[Cost estimated at $3500]

* SOC 7-256 Topic: Culture, Gender, and Public Policy in Japan (in Japan) DAVIS
[Cost estimated at $3500]