ANT-5-206 West Indian People and Culture (in Trinidad and Barbados) (MONAGAN)

ART 3-103/203 Drawing I and Drawing II, ART-202/302 Ceramics I and Ceramics II (in Japan) (HANSON)

ART-7-377 Advanced Topic: City of Rome (MCOMBER)

BIO-1-209 Plant Morphology (Wilderness Field Station, MN) (CONDON)

BIO-1-321 Ecology (Wilderness Field Station, MN) (MCCOLLUM)

BIO-2-485 Biological Problems (Peru) (CONDON)

BIO/BMB-6-485 Biological Problems (Bahamas) (BLACK/TEPPER)

CLA-7-377 Advanced Topic: City of Rome (GRUBER-MILLER)

ECB-6-352 Financial Management Seminar (CONRAD)

EDU-2-260 Topic: Policy to Practice: Comparative Educational Systems, the United States and southern Africa (in southern Africa) (LUCK)

EDU-8-205 Foundations of Education (in Greece) (MACKLER)

ENG-1-347 Modern American Literature: Encountering the Wilderness, American Literature and Photography (Wilderness Field Station, MN) (HANKINS)

ENG-2-374 Advanced Topic: Southern African Art, Literature, and Culture in Context (in southern Africa) (REED)

ENG-8-322 Medevial and Renaissance Drama: Shakespeare's Rivals (Newberry Library, Chicago) (STAVREVA)

GEO-6-255 Modern and Ancient Carbonate Systems of the Bahamas (Bahamas) (GREENSTEIN)

GEO-9-223 Geology of the National Parks (National Parks) (WALSH)

GEO-9-320 Geomorphology (Washington) (Denniston)

KIN-9-101 Fitness for Life: Outdoor Activities (Boundary Waters, MN) (MEEKER)

POL-1-371 Wilderness Politics and Policy (Wilderness Field Station, MN) (ALLIN)

POL-6-282 Ethics and Public Policy (Texas Presidential Libraries) (SUTHERLAND)

REL-9-366 Advanced Topic: Islam and Post-coloniality in Contemporary Morocco (SACKS/BATY)

RUS-9-384 Russia Today (in Russia) (GIVENS)

THE-3-370 Advanced Topic: Contemporary Theater (in New York) (OLINGER)