Cornell Campus Resources

There are various resources available to you at Cornell, all designed to help you as you transition to Cornell and remain successful during your time here.  Take some time familiarizing yourself with the resources listed below. For more information we have provided links to the Cornell offices responsible for each topic. We have also developed a Campus Resource Directory that points you to the right office for a variety of questions or concerns.

Info Desk  |  Health Services  |  Counseling Center  |  Career Engagement Center

Campus Safety  |  Mail and Service Center  |  Information Technology  |  Bookstore

Dining Services  |  Student Accounts  |  Business Services Desk  |  Financial Assistance



Thomas Commons Information Desk 

The Thomas Commons Information Desk is a key place for campus information.  Here you can typically find information about campus events as well as community resources.  Service include lost and found, reservations for the Thomas Commons, poster making supplies, Purple Bike pick-up, and Golf discs.

Student Health Services

It’s likely during your four years you will require health services of some sort.  Students who are not feeling well should be seen at the Student Health Center early in their illness, before they feel worse or miss class. Located in Ebersole Building, the Student Health Center is staffed by two licensed and experienced nurses. Services are free and confidential.  The following can be taken care of at the Student Health Center:

  • Management of acute and chronic illnesses.
  • Referrals and consultations with physicians as needed.
  • Health promotion including nutrition counseling, sexual health, smoking cessation and travel health.
  • Lab services including strep and mono tests, urinalysis, blood sugar, hematrocrit and influenza tests. Pregnancy tests are free.
  • Immunizations including tetanus, MMR, influenza, meningitis, Gardasil, and travel vaccines.
  • Family planning clinic twice a block.
  • C-Nurse – health questions answered via e-mail through the Student Health Center website.

Counseling Center

The Cornell College Counseling Center assists students' personal and educational development through short-term counseling, consultation, educational outreach, and referral. The goal of these efforts is to help students develop effective problem-solving and decision-making capabilities in order to make satisfying life choices, and maximize their capacity for continued emotional growth.

The Counseling Center provides:

  • Short term, confidential individual and couples counseling.
  • Educational programs.
  • Consultations with concerned others.
  • Referrals for long-term therapy, specialized services and medication.
  • Referrals for emergency and inpatient mental health services.
  • Resource library of educational and/or self-help information.
  • Note: records of services received from the Counseling Center are kept separate from other student records.

Career Engagement Center

The Career Engagement Center (CEC) prepares all Cornell students to be successful in the world of work after graduation. Our team of professional and student staff are here to help you figure out what you want to do and how you can get there using your Cornell education. We offer a variety of services to help Cornellians build necessary skills to explore career options, gain hands-on experiences, and develop professional networks. Some of our more popular programs include Exploreships at not-for-profit organizations, road trips to Fortune 500 companies, internships and Cornell Fellowships across the U.S. and around the world, mock interviews with alumni, and skill-building workshops with human resources professionals. It’s never too early to get started on setting yourself up for success! Be sure to stop by the CEC, located in the Thomas Commons, in your first two blocks to get connected with the many opportunities to help you find your path at Cornell and beyond. 

Campus Safety

Cornell College is committed to providing a safe environment for students and employees.  While the college works to prevent crime on campus, students also share the responsibility for protecting themselves and for insuring that their environment is safe.  All students are encouraged to sign-up for the R.A.M. Emergency cell phone alert system.

Students are reminded to lock doors, walk and study in well-lit and well-traveled areas, store money and other valuables in safe places and avoid the use of intoxicants that may impair judgment.

The Compass (Student Handbook) contains a complete description of the judicial system and it’s procedures, as well as details on college regulations. Students are responsible for reviewing, understanding and abiding by the material in the handbook.

Mandatory Registration for all Vehicles
Students who plan to have vehicles on campus must register these vehicles.  Information about permits, parking policies, and prices can be found at the Campus Safety web page. You will need to register for a parking permit on line.  Once you have picked up your parking sticker during validation on your first day at Cornell, your Cornell account will be charged the parking fee. 

Bike registration is also recommended and offered free of charge in the Campus Safety Office.  Bring your bike with you to the office located on the lowest level of Bowman Carter to register. Registration of your bicycle is also available with the Mount Vernon Police Department, located in City Hall downtown.

Mail and Service Center

The Mail and Service Center for Cornell College is located on the lower level of the Thomas Commons.  At the Mail and Service Center you can purchase stamps and send and receive packages (US Mail and UPS, Express Mail), as well as fax documents. If mailing large packages to campus in preparation for your arrival, note that these will be located in the Mail and Service Center as well. 

Your campus address:
Your name
# (do not use P.O. or box in front of your box number)
810 Commons Circle
Mount Vernon, IA 52314

Information Technology (IT)

You should receive your campus email account information in the mail by in June. Once on campus you will have access to campus academic computer labs and technology classrooms as well as connection to the college network (ResNet) from each residence hall room. Your email account information sheet (which includes your user name and password) also includes other services provided by IT.


The Bookstore is located on the second level of the Thomas Commons.  In addition to in-store and online services, the following products are also available to students:

  • Required Course Materials – Including books and supplies
  • Computer software and supplies
  • General school supplies
  • Cornell clothing and gifts
  • General reading books
  • Candy and snacks
  • Assorted health and beauty supplies
  • Book buyback
  • Hallmark greeting cards

Dining Services

Eating in the dining halls at Cornell is one of the highlights for students because of the block plan scheduling, students and faculty are all in the dining halls together.  Meal times can be crazy, fun, and a great time to connect with friends. 2013 will be an especially exciting time as we open our new dining rooms, featuring award-winning food service provider, Bon Appétit. 

Student Accounts and Student Loans Office

Knowing that bills can be complicated, the Student Accounts and Student Loans Office in Old Sem is available to help you with the following:

  • Student account billing questions
  • Student loan check endorsement and questions
  • Payment and payment plan inquiries
  • Payment problems and finance charge questions
  • Off-campus program billing

Business Services Desk

Also located on the first floor in Old Sem is the Business Services Desk, which is there to assist you in taking care of  payments, collecting work-study paperwork and time cards and more.  They also can provide assistance with inquiries on accounts, check-cashing up to $100.00,  ID card replacements, emergency loans (apply in the Dean of Student’s Office), loan and grant checks – student endorsement, and student organization accounts.

Financial Assistance

While you may have already taken care of your financial aid, it never hurts to touch base when you have a question. The Financial Assistance Office will answer questions about the process of applying for aid, your award, and any questions you have. Please don’t hesitate to contact the staff.