Transfer and Exam Credit

If you have college credit from Advanced Placement tests, International Baccalaureate, or other exams, or transfer credit from another college or university, you must have all AP or IB scores and transcripts from any previous college courses sent to Cornell before you plan your course schedule.  If you inadvertently repeat a course, you will lose your AP, IB, or transfer credit (and you are only eligible to submit your scores through the end of Block 8 of your first year at Cornell). Click on "Transfer and Advanced Credit details" on the left-hand navigation bar to determine whether your scores will earn you academic credit at Cornell, and in what specific area (i.e., exemption or credit, general credit towards graduation, or credit for a particular course).

Some academic placement tests are available online or during NSO.

Be sure to talk to your academic advisor about any credits you may have earned before arriving at Cornell.