Course Schedule and Catalogue

Cornell College Catalogue

The Cornell College Academic Catalogue is the official record of course descriptions, requirements for graduation, and the rules and regulations governing academic life on the Hilltop.  You will want to bookmark the Academic Catalogue as a valuable resource.  Specifically, it is your responsibility to be familiar with the Academic Information section -- whether you want to know the deadline to file a petition to do an internship, how to transfer work to Cornell from another college, or how to determine whether you've made the Dean's List, you'll find the information in the Catalogue.

Course Schedule

The course schedule is available online in Self-Service.  Anyone can use Self-Service to search the course schedule (once you arrive on campus, you'll be able to log in to check your course registration and unofficial transcript, as well as conduct other business).  It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the system, but remember that your conversations with your advisor will be a crucial part of selecting your course schedule throughout your academic career at Cornell.

Each course is identified by a three-letter department code (ANT is Anthropology, BIO is Biology) and a three-digit course number.  Taken together, these can be used to find course descriptions in the Catalogue.

In general, 100-level courses and some 200-level courses are appropriate for first-year students.  In order to be sure, you'll need to check the prerequisites, which can be found in the Catalogue in the course description, or by clicking on the course number in Self-Service

Self-Service Hints:

  1. The "course code" can be either a complete department-and-number code (BIO 141) or you can search by department to find all the courses offered during a particular time period (enter "BIO").

  2. The "period" is the Academic Year.  Academic Years are named by the year in which they start.  Therefore, courses offered in the 2011-2012 Academic Year will be found by selecting "2011" in the "Period" drop-down menu.

  3. The "Session" is the Block.  

  4. You can also click the links at the top of the page to find courses that meet certain general education requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree (i.e., Fine Arts, Writing Courses), and certain major requirements (Teacher Preparation).