Madrigal Dinner Theatre

The Medieval and Renaissance Club (MeRC) is hosting its annual Madrigal Dinner Theatre on the 15th of February at 6:15 p.m. in Pfeiffer Hall. This event is a fundraiser and consists of a traditional feast similar to what might have happened during the Middle Ages. We also provide entertainment for the meal, this year songs from that time and modern lyrical tellings of old tales. Entrance fee for the meal is $5 with a $1 discount if you come in a medieval costume. Additional donations accepted. Please contact with any questions or comments about the event, menu, or with an RSVP. (RSVP not required, but encouraged so we can get enough food.)


Medieval & Early Modern Studies

MEMS is an interdisciplinary program that spans a diverse array of subject areas ranging from history to literature to the arts. Cornell's block plan enables our students to delve deeper into their studies through a number of opportunities. These include research seminars led by Cornell faculty at Chicago's Newberry Library, research fellowships through the Cornell Fellows Program, and off-campus semesters in Florence or  London/Florence.