Program Advisor

Michelle Herder, Associate Professor of History, teaches a range of courses focusing on Europe from 800-1700, including the topics courses Women in Medieval Europe and Persecution, Tolerance, and Violence. Find more about Professor Herder on the history faculty page.

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Michelle Herder

Affiliated Faculty

Devan Baty, Associate Professor of French, serves as advisor to the Medieval and Early Modern Studies program. She teaches the courses Medieval French Literature and The French Renaissance: Sixteenth Century Literature. Find more about Professor Baty on the French program faculty page. Devan Baty

John Gruber-Miller, Professor of Classical Studies, teaches a course on Medieval Latin and Renaissance women writers. Find more about Professor Gruber-Miller on the classical studies faculty page. John Gruber-Miller

Carol Lacy-Salazar, Professor of Spanish, teaches courses on Cervantes and Golden Age Spanish Literature. Find more about Professor Lacy-Salazar on the Spanish faculty page. Carol Lacy-Salazar

James Martin, Professor of Music, teaches the history of opera. Find more about Professor Martin on the music faculty page. James Martin

Joseph Molleur, Professor of Religion, teaches courses involving the Protestant Revolution and systematic and comparative theology. Find more about Professor Molleur on the religion department faculty page. Joseph Molleur

Christina Penn-Goetsch, Professor of Art History, teaches courses on gender studies and the art and architecture of early modern Europe. Find more about Professor Penn-Goetsch on the art department faculty page. Chris Penn-Goetsch

Shannon Reed, Associate Professor of English, teaches courses on Milton and restoration drama. Find more about Professor Reed on the Department of English and Creative Writing faculty page. Shannon Reed

Katy Stavreva, Associate Professor of English, teaches courses on Shakespeare, medieval and early modern literature of England, and early modern cultural studies. Find more about Professor Stavreva on the Department of English and Creative Writing faculty page. Katy Stavreva

Jama Stilwell, Professor of Music, teaches about Gregorian chant and early music. Find more about Professor Stilwell on the music department faculty page. Jama Stilwell