Program Advisor

  • Photo of Michelle Herder

    Michelle Herder

    Assistant Professor of History

    Teaches a range of courses focusing on Europe from 800-1700, including the topics courses Women in Medieval Europe and Persecution, Tolerance, and Violence.

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Affiliated Faculty

  • Photo of Devan Baty

    Devan Baty

    Associate Professor of French

    Teaches the courses Medieval French Literature and The French Renaissance: Sixteenth Century Literature.

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  • Photo of John Gruber-Miller

    John Gruber-Miller

    Professor of Classical Studies

    Teaches a course on Medieval Latin and Renaissance women writers.

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  • Photo of James Martin

    James Martin

    Professor of Music

    Teaches the history of opera.

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  • Photo of Joseph Molleur

    Joseph Molleur

    Associate Professor of Religion

    Teaches courses involving the Protestant Revolution and systematic and comparative theology.

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  • Photo of Christina Penn-Goetsch

    Christina Penn-Goetsch

    Associate Professor of Art History

    Teaches courses on gender studies and the art and architecture of early modern Europe.

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  • Photo of Shannon Reed

    Shannon Reed

    Associate Professor of English

    Teaches courses on Milton and restoration drama.

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  • Photo of Katy Stavreva

    Katy Stavreva

    Associate Professor of English

    Teaches courses on Shakespeare, medieval and early modern literature of England, and early modern cultural studies.

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  • Photo of Jama Stilwell

    Jama Stilwell

    Associate Professor of Music

    Teaches about Gregorian chant and early music.

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  • Carol Lacy-Salazar

    Professor of Spanish Emerita