In order for us to better serve you, below are some guidelines.



  • Multiple trays, tubs, and boxes must have a pink slip attached with an account number. (Pink slips available through the Mail Center.)
  • Trays must have sleeves at all times.
  • Use tubs for large mail pieces.
  • Metered mail should be prepared for processing by stacking envelopes in the SAME direction.
  • Envelope flaps should be in the open position.
  • Separate your foreign mail from US mail so appropriate postage will be affixed.
  • Request for trays, sleeves and tubs can be obtained by emailing the Service Center at
    • Address with names and box numbers.
    • Organize items in box number order.
    • Items should be no smaller than postcard size.
    • When making postcards using cardstock you will need to purchase postcard rate stamps at the Post Office. The mail machine at the Mail & Service Center is unable to process postcards that are made on card stock and we do not carry postcard rate stamps. Postcards made on heavier paper can be run through the mail machine.  If you have any questions please call Becky 4480 or Susan 4333.


  • Any shipment going in or out that requires a forklift should refer to Facilities' web page.


  • Save your department/office money by utilizing the lower cost of the high speed copier in the Service Center.For additional costs, contact the Service Center.
    • Stand-Alone Printer Cost: $.04 per copy
    • Service Center Cost B&W: $.03 (If you use standard 20lb. white paper)
    • Service Center Cost Color: $.10 (If you use standard 20lb. white paper)
  • Prior to sending your job to the Service Center copier/printer, please call for proper set up.
  • Check out our website (Service Center) listed under Campus Offices on the Cornell homepage. It contains additional helpful information and links to other mail providers.