In order for us to better serve you, below are some guidelines.



  • Multiple trays, tubs, and boxes must have a pink slip attached with an account number. (Pink slips available through the Mail Center.)
  • Trays must have sleeves at all times.
  • Use tubs for large mail pieces.
  • Metered mail should be prepared for processing by stacking envelopes in the SAME direction.
  • Envelope flaps should be in the open position.
  • Separate your foreign mail from US mail so appropriate postage will be affixed.
  • Request for trays, sleeves and tubs can be obtained by emailing the Service Center.
    • Address with names and box numbers.
    • Organize items in box number order.
    • Items should be no smaller than postcard size.


  When possible, give at least a few days advance notice for movement of product from storage to departments or other internal movement requests. 


  • Save your department/office money by utilizing the lower cost of the high speed copier in the Service Center.
    • Stand-Alone Printer Cost: $.04 per copy
    • Service Center Cost B&W: $.03 (If you use standard 20lb. white paper)
    • Service Center Cost Color: $.10 (If you use standard 20lb. white paper)
  • For additional costs, contact the Service Center.
  • Prior to sending your job to the Service Center copier/printer, please call for proper set up.
  • Check out our website (Service Center) listed under Campus Offices on the Cornell homepage. It contains additional helpful information and links to other mail providers.