To expedite campus mailings, please address with full names and box number. Organize items in numerical order and band them together if a large quantity (more than 10). Items should be no smaller than postcard size. (3 1/2" x 5 1/2")


Single Sheet (non-confidential) Correspondence

Single sheet (non-confidential) correspondence does not have to be inserted into Inter-Office Envelopes. Simply address it at the top of the front page indicating the full name of who should receive the mail and box #.

a.) Inter-Office Envelopes

These are the envelopes used repeatedly for internal mailing. When using Inter-Office Envelopes, make sure all previous markings have been marked out to ensure proper handling and direction to the intended recipient.

Mass Mailing  -  Do Not Do Unless Important

This is the least effective way of contacting faculty, staff, and students. A good alternative would be Today @ Cornell or the campus newsletter. If a student or group has a mass mailing, a student affairs staff member must approve it with a signature and date prior to distribution.

Plain Envelopes

When addressing in house mail on plain or Cornell envelopes, the two-line format is preferred. We request that you avoid three or more lines since such mail can be mistaken for US Mail. Also, please separate from mail to be metered.


Confidential matter should be marked accordingly and sealed for proper security.

    Test and Papers returned to students should be in envelopes with full name     and mailbox number on the outside.