The following schedule is in effect Monday through Friday.

8:00 AM

 Mail leaves the Mail Center to be delivered. Campus and outgoing mail is picked up.

Most days, the delivery route is as follows:


Rood House > Wade House > South Hall > College Hall > Law Hall > Old Sem > West Science > Library > Facilities Management > Stoner House > McWethy > Multi Sports Center > Back to Service Center. Routes may change without notice. Call 895-4480 if you have any questions.


Mail leaves for the U.S. Post Office.

  • To expedite campus mailing, please address with full name and box number. Organize items in numerical order and band them together if a large quantity (more than 10). Items should be no smaller than postcard size.
  • Faculty and Staff should not receive personal mail of any kind. The Mail and Service Center has the right to refuse delivery of any personal packages.