Cornell's Center for Law and Society is designed to help all students at the College decide if law is the right career choice for them.

Our academic program provides the necessary intellectual rigor to prepare students for law school. A liberal arts course of study provides an excellent foundation to understand multiple perspectives in the world. Faculty members at Cornell will challenge you to think critically, reason logically, and to effectively articulate your thoughts verbally and in writing. There is no "pre-law" major at Cornell College. Rather, we encourage you to take courses that are intellectually stimulating and pique your curiosities and interests. Alumni who have gone on to successful legal careers have majored in disciplines across the curriculum including politics, English, philosophy, economics and business, psychology, art, environmental studies, biology, and sociology.

Complementing the academic experience, the co-curricular program offers multiple opportunities to explore and experience the field of law. Follow the links below to learn more about the extraordinary opportunities available for pre-law students at Cornell College:

Pre-law students decide which opportunities they want to take advantage of and when. We welcome questions at any time by students considering a career in law and how Cornell's Center for Law and Society can help you in college. Please contact RJ Holmes-leopold for more information.