Students completing the required kinesiology coursework, as well as coursework required for a major in secondary or elementary education, may apply to the State of Iowa for teaching licensure. Courses included for licensure present students with intellectually challenging experiences, as well as 30 hours of practicum experience within area public school physical education programs, thus allowing students to apply their teaching philosophies and methodology in real-world settings.

Recommended course sequence

Year 1 or 2 Year 2, 3 or 4

KIN 111
KIN 206
KIN 237
STA 201

Required for admission to Education Program:
EDU 205
EDU 215
EDU 230
EDU 240

KIN 207
KIN 309
KIN 311
KIN 318
KIN 327
KIN 334
KIN 324

* All teaching majors should also consult the Education Department for additional specific requirements concerning courses, application and test deadlines.