The goal of the coaching education program is to develop students' knowledge and understanding of concepts and methods for successful athletic coaching in the secondary schools. Completion of Coaching Endorsement or Authorization (KIN 205) and Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries (KIN 237) satisfy requirements for Iowa Department of Education coaching authorization and endorsement.

Areas of study in these courses include structure and function of the human body in relation to physical activity, theory and techniques of coaching, professional ethics and legal aspects of coaching, human growth and development of children and youth in relation to physical activity, and prevention and care of athletic injuries.

A coaching endorsement is granted to those who complete these two courses, are majors in elementary or secondary education, and who receive an Iowa teaching license. A coaching authorization is available to those who do not hold an Iowa teaching license. Both the authorization and endorsement qualify an individual to serve as a head coach, assistant, or volunteer coach in any sport offered in Iowa public schools.