As many of you know, changing your password can be a trying process.  Not only do you need to change your password at the network level, but you need to enter your new password into any mobile device where the password is stored to access Cornell resources. Before changing your password, we suggest those of you who have not registered in the Password Reset Tool do so. This online tool will allow you to unlock or reset your password without IT intervention. You can access the Password Reset Tool at In addition, if you do inadvertently lockout your account, it will automatically unlock after 30 minutes.

Steps for a Successful Password Change

  1. Determine where your password may be stored
    1. Mobile email apps (all devices)
    2. Mobile wireless connections (non-Cornell owned Windows devices)
    3. Mapped network drives (non-Cornell owned Windows devices)
    4. Mapped network printers (non-Cornell owned devices)
  2. Register in the Password Reset Tool
  3. Review password requirements
  4. Change password using Password Reset Tool (Users on a Cornell owned Windows device can press Control-Alt-Delete)
  5. Reconfigure any mobile devices connecting to the CornellWireless network
  6. Enter new password in Gmail mobile app
  7. Reconfigure Outlook Sync to use new password (Outlook users only)

Determine where your password may be stored

Before changing your password, take a few minutes to think about what devices may have your password stored in them. Some of the more popular devices would be your smart phone, personal laptop, or a tablet.  Many devices can have it stored in multiple locations such as in an app to connect to your Cornell email account and in the wireless configuration which alows you to connect to the CornellWireless network. 

Gmail on Mobile Devices

After you change your password, the Gmail app on your mobile device should give you an alert that your password is incorrect and allow you to enter in your new password.  If for some reason that does not happen, you will need to remove the Gmail account and then reconfigure it.  Instructions for doing so are located at

Cornell Wireless on Personal Mobile Devices and Non-Windows College Owned Laptops

Prior to changing your password, you should find the location of the wireless settings on your device.  Some devices will allow you to modify your connection settings while other may not.  For those that do not, you should tell your mobile device to “Forget” the CornellWireless network and then reconfigure the connection.   Instructions for reconnecting to the CornellWireless network can be found at

Reconfigure Outlook Sync to use new password (Outlook users only)

  1. Close Outlook.
  2. Click: Start | All Programs | Google Apps Sync | Delete Saved Google Apps Password.
  3. Identify the profile you want to change and click Delete Stored Password. Then click OK when it tells you it’s been done.
  4. Close the application
  5. Start Outlook (and make sure you’re using the correct profile, if prompted).
  6. A window should pop up giving you the opportunity to enter the new password. If so, do so, and click the Remember This Password box. If it doesn't pop up…
  7. Check to see whether Outlook says “Working Offline” in the lower right corner. It probably does. Either way, click the Send/Receive tab and verify that the "Work Offline" button is not highlighted. If it is, click it to un-highlight.
  8. Restart Outlook.