Install Xerox Print Driver – OS X

Follow these instructions to install the Xerox MFP print driver

1. Open a new Finder window

2. Select the Go menu

3. Select Connect to Server

4. Server Address: smb://filesrv1

5. Click Connect

6. Enter your Cornell username & password

Xerox Printer

7. Pick the Install share and click OK

8. Navigate to \\filesrv1\Install\Public\Drivers\Printers\Mac\XEROX Printers\10.5 - 10.7

9. Copy Xerox_Print_Drivers_2.71.0.dmg to your desktop

10. Run the Xerox_Print_Drivers_2.71.0.dmg file

11. Install using the default settings

12. When asked to connect to a print queue, click Continue, then Continue again to confirm not selecting a print queue

Xerox Printer