Printing with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

To add a new printer

Install the Xerox print driver from the instructions located HERE. If you need assistance contact Information Technology at extension 4357.

Add an alias for smb://print1/resnet on the desktop

  1. Open a new Finder window
  2. Open the Go Menu
  3. Click Connect to Server
  4. Input smb://print1
  5. Enter your Cornell credentials when prompted
  6. Select the ResNet share to mount 
    Mountain Lion 
  7. Click OK
  8. Open a Finder window
  9. Click the Finder Menu
  10. CLick Preferences
  11. Verify that Connected Servers is checked
  12. Close the Preferences window
  13. Control + click the ResNet mount on the desktop
  14. Click Make Alias
     Each time you send a print job, open the alias to ResNet and enter your credentials if prompted

Mountain Lion

Add the Printer Queues

  1. Click the Apple menu
  2. Click System Preferences
  3. Click Print & Scan
  4. Click the + sign to add a new printer
  5. Control + click in the blank space beside Windows 
  6. Select Customize Toolbar
     Mountain Lion
  7. Drag the Advanced icon beside the Windows icon at the top
     Mountain Lion
  8. Click Done
  9. Click the Advanced icon
  10. Drop down the Type menu and select Windows Printer via spoolss

To add the Campus Pooled BW Queue:

  1. The URL should read smb://
    Note: The URL will read smb:// for B&W printers or smb://
  2. Change Name to printername
    Note: Can be named anything, the printer name is most commonly used. Example: CampusPooledMFP-Black or Color.
  3. Print Using: Select Printer Software
  4. Find the appropriate driver by selecting the appropriate model here
  5. Click OK
  6. Click Add
  7. Set the appropriate installable options shown here


When you print, you’ll be prompted for credentials.  
These are your Cornell username and password

If you have any questions about connecting to a Printer, please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at extension 4357 or submit a Work Order Request and our staff will assist you as soon as possible.