Conference calls allow you to easily setup a call between multiple users – up to 32 callers (license permitting). Although many conference call services exist, it’s often easier and cheaper to host your own audio conferences. Conference calls can be set-up ad hoc, without the need to reserve a conference room. This has been done to simplify the set-up of conference calls.

In this section, we will explain how to create an ad-hoc conference calls is by using 3CX MyPhone. You can do this either while on a call with someone else, or by creating the conference call from the conference tab. External participants will need to dial the DID specified in the ‘External Participants’ textbox in order to join the conference.

If you would like to create a scheduled conference call, please go here.

Create an Ad-hoc Conference using 3CX MyPhone

Create conference from MyPhone

To create a new conference call you could either right click on an active extension and select ‘Create conference’ or navigate to the conference tab and:

  1. Specify a name for the conference.
  2. You can add an additional participant by selecting one or more extensions on the left hand side and clicking on the arrow button ‘>’.
  3. You can add external participants by including their telephone number ( including any prefix that may be required) and clicking the arrow button ‘>’.
  4. Click ‘Create’ to create the call conference.
  5. Once created, the participants added to the conference will be automatically called into the conference.

Note: If you have added participants who are already on an active call, 3CX MyPhone will attempt to contact them, but unless they have the feature to receive multiple calls enabled, the conference will fail to join them to the conference.

Create a Conference While on an Active Call using 3CX MyPhone

MyPhone- Create Conference

The following steps illustrate how to create a conference call whilst already on a call:

  1. Right click an active call
  2. Click on the button ‘Create Conference’ shown below your active call.
  3. The Create Conference Dialog will appear.
  4. Specify a name for the conference.
  5. Now add one or more parties to the conference, click ‘>’ and click OK. You can add External Participants by specifying their telephone number (including any prefix that may be required).
  6. The Conference will be created and new parties and your existing called party will be joined to this conference.

You will be disconnected and automatically called by the conference service and joined to the conference.