This is a request for a reservation. Filling out this form does not mean you have a space reserved. Once your request has been confirmed you will receive a confirmation e-mail along with a list of all your reservations for the semester.

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Room Set-up: We are no longer doing setup for regularly scheduled meetings. If your meeting has special room arrangement needs it is suggested that you choose the room that matches your setup, see room section below in parentheses. If you wish to have a setup for a special event please contact Carol Stock via e-mail or phone at x4121. Room: Please Designate your top three preferences. If you wish to see a layout of the level and room click on the level listed below.

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Upper Level

  • Lobby Table

  • Private Dining Room (35)

Middle Level

  • Hedges (Lecture style 80) IT Ready

  • Shaw (Circle of chairs for 40)

  • Meeting Room 8 (tables & Chairs for 8)
  • Meeting Room 12 (tables & Chairs for 12)
  • Orange Carpet (no seating for 100)

  • Orange Carpet Wall

Lower Level

all classrooms are IT ready
  • Beijing (classroom style for 20)

  • Athens (classroom style for 25)

  • Berlin (classroom style for 30)

  • MLK(classroom style for 30)

  • Paris (classroom style for 30)

  • Stockholm (classroom style for 25)

Outer Limits

  • Lytle House
    (Contract at the Info Desk must be filled out before approval)

  • Allee Chapel (Must be for Religious purpose)

  • King Chapel (Summer Only)

Food and A/V Equipment:

You must contact the A/V Department and/or Dining Services if you have food or equipment needs.