Cornell College will be switching to a biweekly payroll effective September 2013. The first biweekly payday will be on Friday, Sept 27 for time worked Sept 1 - 14.

Benefits to a standardized biweekly pay cycle:

  • Employees will be paid more frequently and the time between paydays will be consistent
  • Pay cycles will be standardized across the College
  • The need to project employee time each pay period will be eliminated and manual calculations and adjustments will be reduced
  • Eliminate the need to project employee time each pay period and reduce manual calculations and adjustments
  • Leave balances (such as vacation time) on pay stubs will be current
  • Delays in payments to part-time and seasonal employees will be eliminated
  • Shorter turnaround time for new stipends or changes to stipends
  • Will allow for conversion to online time cards

Payroll Transition Toolkit:

                     Salaried Staff
                     Hourly Staff


Transition Assistance Program:

Employees have the option to elect a one-time payout of vacation of either one week or two weeks worth of regular pay. Employees must complete and submit the application form no later than August 1 in order to elect this option. Human Resources will review the application and notify you directly of the approval. Pay-out of the vacation will occur with the Sept 27 payroll.

Business Services and Human Resources will work with individuals who need additional assistance or do not have available vacation. Please contact Vickie Farmer (x4244) or Lois Mulbrook (x4245) directly to set up an appointment.