Coordinator of Student Initiated Garden Project

2 positions

Hourly Wage:

$7.25 per hour


It is expected that students will work up to 20 hours/week for up to 15 weeks beginning May 20 and ending August 20 (working no more than 225 hours during the summer). Students will meet weekly with the ENACTUS sponsor and report on work performed for the week.


Cornell College ENACTUS Team, in conjunction with other student groups, desires to develop a garden that provides the campus community with an environment in which students may practice small-scale food production while learning the entrepreneurial skills of a small business.

The student garden will provide fresh produce either for student consumption through the campus food service provider or for other community service development projects.

Job Description

Garden coordinators will work collaboratively with the ENACTUS Team Sponsor to define annual production goals and a feasible work plan. This will include matching market needs to production capabilities, reviewing material and equipment purchases, and determining appropriate management schedules and practices

The garden coordinators are responsible for…

- Establishing and maintaining horticultural crops within the defined area of the garden. This typically involves manually planting, weeding, watering, and fertilizing plantings.

- Establishing and maintaining productive working relationships with the ENACTUS sponsor and the manager of the campus food service provider or other stakeholders being serviced by the garden. These working relationships are necessary to form the garden production goals and schedules.

- Ensure the timely harvest and distribution of quality produce to garden stakeholders.

- Promote the garden as a community resource. This involves keeping the Cornell community informed about the garden and promoting its mission through promotional tools such as brand identity development, educational outreach, NSO projects, volunteer recruitment, and social media.

- Maintain detailed records of garden and promotional activities. This will include but is not limited to garden management practices, plant varieties and sources for  and procurement, outreach efforts, budget expenditures, crop yields, delivery invoices, and volunteer lists.

- Engage in professional development. This includes learning and implementing various management practices, especially those that are consistent with sustainable agriculture practices. Professional development also includes exploring how other campuses utilize and manage their student gardens, which could involve off-campus site visits and field trips.

-A written summary of accomplishments and suggestions for future garden development. This report will serve as a starting resource for the following year and shall be kept on file with the ENACTUS sponsor. This report is due by Aug 20 and before the final paycheck is issued.


Candidates must demonstrate that they…

- are independent workers with effective time management skills

- are willing to work outdoors under a wide variety of weather conditions

- can engage in physically and emotionally demanding work

- can establish and meet deadlines for accomplishing goals.

- can effectively engage and work with a variety of people including volunteers and supervisors.

- are generally aware of issues related to sustainable agriculture and food systems

- will be creative in their approach to publicize and promote the garden and its values, purpose, and importance.

- are able to keep detailed and organized records related to work responsibilities or budgets.