Cornell College offers tuition remission and tuition exchange through the Associate Colleges of the Midwest tuition exchange program and The Tuition Exchange, Inc.


Benefit waiting periods for qualified dependents of full-time employees:

  • Dependent children: two (2) years for Tuition Remission or Tuition Exchange
  • Spouse or domestic partner: two (2) years for Tuition Remission. Tuition Exchange is not available for spouses or domestic partners.
  • Employees hired with at least six (6) years of continuous services at another institution of higher education: Immediate eligibility for Dependent Children, Spouse or Domestic Partner in Tuition Remission and for Dependent Children in Tuition Exchange.
  • Other exclusions may apply, please view the Employee Handbook for additional eligibility requirements.

Tuition Exchange Program Information:

Financial Assistance Website

The Financial Assistance Division at Cornell College manages this benefit. Follow the above link to find out how to apply and what colleges participate.

This summary is not intended to be a complete description of your benefits.  Please consult Human Resources and/or Financial Assistance directly for additional details including plan limitations and exclusions. The master plan documents will prevail.