Group short term disability insurance is provided through Sun Life.


The College provides short term disability insurance for staff employees who work 1000 or more hours per year. 

Short term disability benefits begin after 10 consecutive work days of employee illness or injury if approved by the disability carrier.  This benefit provides up to 60% of basic weekly earnings.  Employees may use accrued sick time to cover the 10 day elimination period and the 40% of base pay which is not covered by the short term disability plan. 

Short term disability benefits will be paid for hours that the employee normally works.  The maximum benefit period is 13 weeks for any one continuous period of disability.  


Short Term Disability Insurance Information:

Short Term Disability Summary Plan Description

Updated sick leave, vacation time, and short term disability policies

PowerPoint presentation from the 6/15 and 6/20 informational sessions

This summary is not intended to be a complete description of your benefits.  Please consult your summary plan description and/or insurance certificate for additional details including plan limitations and exclusions. The master plan documents will prevail.