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Summary of Material Modifications

First Administrators Health Insurance

        SMM #1 4-1-12: Regular Health Care Plan

        SMM #2 4-1-12: High Deductible Health Plan

Outline of changes made:

  • The definition of what is a covered expense now includes language about a participant's right to pursue external and/or judicial review.
  • The definition of medically necessary is much clearer and provides more specific criteria a covered expense needs to meet.  It also references drugs, not just medical.
  • The definition of experimental or investigational is much more concise and easier to understand.

SMM #3 1-1-13: High Deductible Health Plan

Outline of changes made:

  • Inpatient Newborn Care:  The modification document clarifies that the deductible is waived for physician charges only.  All other services are subject to the calendar year deductible as outlined in the Summary Plan Description.
  • Postpartum Home Visit:  The modification document clarifies the Postpartum Home Visit benefit.  This language was unintentionally absent in this section of the Summary Plan Description.  Although, benefits have always been administered accordingly. 

First Administrators Flexible Spending Accounts

SMM #5 1-1-11

Defined Contribution Retirement Plan

SMM - Worker, Retiree and Employer Recovery Act of 2008 (WRERA)