Throughout the academic year, staff members meet on the third Thursday of each block from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. for Campus Currents. The purpose of Campus Currents is to:

  • To share information that may be useful for engaging current students, recruiting new students, and connecting alumni and friends with the College.
  • To expand lines of communication and foster collaboration across divisions. 
  • To offer opportunities for discussion and feedback on broader college issues.

In addition, at each session, the Purple Rock is passed on to a deserving staff member, or small office/group, who exemplifies going above and beyond in their position. The winner of the Purple Rock is determined and presented by the previous Purple Rock winner.

2017-18 Purple Rock Hall-of-Fame

Block 1: No Campus Currents session held

Block 2: Jen Visser, Senior Director of Marketing & Interactive Media. Jen was given the Purple Rock from the Division of Alumni & College Advancement for her consistently outstanding creative and strategic guidance to Advancement on so many marketing & communications initiatives, most recently the Greater>Than Campaign and Homecoming. The staff greatly appreciate all Jen does for alumni engagement and fundraising programs.

RJ Holmes Leopold, Senior Director of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving passing on the Purple Rock award to Jen Visser.

Block 3: Mark Winder, Director of Campus Safety. Jen Visser selected Winder for the Purple Rock because of how much he truly cares about the safety of everyone on campus, whether in day-to-day events or in preparing for scenarios we hope will never occur. Visser noted that she appreciates everyone in the campus safety office for how responsive and accommodating they are whenever needed.

Jen Visser handing off the Purple Rock Award to Mark Winder.